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Annual Report 2015

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Our Sustainability

Weatherford as a company and its employees are determined to meet the challenge of sustainability.

We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as our consumption of water and energy. Our aim is excellence in the quality of our work, in the safety of our employees, and in our efforts to protect the environment as we help provide energy vital to economic development and quality of life.


We are committed to the best standards of corporate citizenship. This section of the report details some of our particular achievements and these examples of best practice are being cascaded through the company’s operations globally.

As a company, we are focused and committed to corporate citizenship: operating in a conscientious and sustainable manner across all areas including compliance and ethical integrity, environmental protection, on-the-job innovation, and community relations.

In 2015, we were honored to be recognized for high environmental, social, and governance performance with a constituency on the 2015 MSCI Global Sustainability Index Series.

We were also included in the Euronext Vigeo US 50 Index, which distinguishes the top 50 companies who have achieved the most advanced environmental, social, and governance performances in the US region.