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Annual Report 2015

Unconventional Completions


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Horizontal completions are the most costly part of onshore unconventional projects — often consuming 60% or more of a well’s budget. While technology for directional drilling in unconventional fields has seen marked improvement in recent years, unconventional completion capabilities have not increased as quickly. Weatherford aims to raise the bar on unconventional completions with an integrated solution that combines our hydraulic fracturing, completion, formation evaluation, and reservoir engineering technologies and expertise to improve well productivity and hydrocarbon recovery.


Increase production efficiency

Optimizing stage design and perforation placement based on critical data

Optimize production rates

Determining the cause of rapid production drops and chronically underperforming wells

Reduce completion cost

Selecting the right equipment to minimize the cost of completing long laterals

Completions Integrated Approach

Our integrated approach to optimizing completion design and, ultimately, production in unconventional fields is exemplified through our FracAdvisor® solution. The FracAdvisor solution leverages Weatherford’s experience in unconventional fields to deliver geo-engineered completion designs.


Technology is at the heart of our approach to meeting clients’ needs. We constantly update and refine our technologies to solve new challenges encountered in the field.

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