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Annual Report 2015

Offshore / Deepwater Production


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With return on investment at the top of clients’ minds, the value of integrated production optimization solutions in cost-intensive offshore and deepwater assets has never been greater. Weatherford continues to be at the forefront of developing and enhancing such solutions, providing everything from artificial-lift design and facilities optimization to real-time integrated asset management and associated consulting services.


Reduce cost per barrel

Lowering operating cost using production optimization to increase efficiency and reliability

Minimize unplanned production disruption

Adopting integrated asset models for proactive asset management to reduce downtime and OPEX

Manage solids production (flow assurance)

Integrating real-time monitoring of wells and production facilities

Address high pressures & temperatures

Deploying sensors and artificial-lift systems rated for extreme conditions

Production Integrated Approach

In offshore and deepwater assets, a reliable, integrated production model requires high-quality data acquired directly from the seabed and reservoir. This includes water-production information—provided by the award-winning Red Eye® subsea water-cut meter—which can help operators refine their subsea water management strategy and significantly lower operating costs. Downhole pressure and temperature information from the OmniWell® reservoir monitoring product suite further closes the knowledge gaps.


Technology is at the heart of our approach to meeting clients’ needs. We constantly update and refine our technologies to solve new challenges encountered in the field.

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