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Annual Report 2015

Offshore / Deepwater Drilling


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Designing and safely drilling offshore and deepwater wells requires a deep understanding of pore pressure, fracture gradient, and the often‑narrow window between the two. The benefit of drilling a hydraulically stable hole is great both in terms of safety and economics. Risks such as shallow‑flow hazards, kicks, losses, and borehole instability are therefore most critical in the deepwater domain. If not addressed, these hazards could lead to nonproductive time (NPT) in an environment where daily operational expenses often exceed $1,000,000.


Drill within tight margins

Determining and navigating the safe operating window

Mitigate lost circulation and kicks

Managing the relationship between hydraulics and borehole geology

Assure wellbore integrity

Understanding and managing the causes of borehole instability

Avoid stuck pipe

Reducing risk of stuck pipe and lost downhole tools

Maintain drillstring integrity

Monitoring key metrics to stay within safe operating parameters

Drilling Integrated Approach

After recognizing the challenges and risks of offshore and deepwater drilling, the critical task is how to avoid, manage, and/or mitigate them. The Drilling Advisor solution — which combines drilling optimization, wellbore stability, and drilling hazard management — offers a proven methodology that is effective in all types of fields.


Technology is at the heart of our approach to meeting clients’ needs. We constantly update and refine our technologies to solve new challenges encountered in the field.

Case Studies

The combination of our industry-leading technologies and our disciplined approach has produced measurable value for our clients.

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