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Annual Report 2015

Conventional Production


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The drop in oil prices did not reduce the importance of conventional assets in meeting global oil demands; in fact, the decline in drilling has increased the expectations for production from existing assets. With a comprehensive portfolio of production technologies and integrated services, Weatherford offers solutions for operators looking to produce more oil at a lower cost for a longer period of time. Our customized solutions for conventional assets include artificial-lift optimization, integrated asset modeling, field rejuvenation, and digital-oilfield planning and execution.


Accurately forecast production

Improving forecasting using an integrated model of the entire production system

Optimize use of surface production equipment

Applying a detailed surface production facility model to identify bottlenecks

Plan for field rejuvenation

Creating an optimum investment strategy based on detailed reservoir and production analysis

React to production and pressure declines

Extending the life of the well with lift technologies designed for low-pressure wells

Production Integrated Approach

Weatherford offers a proactive, integrated approach for managing our clients’ conventional assets through the Production Advisor solution. The solution follows a proven, three-step methodology that applies to every stage in an asset’s life. First, the advisory team builds an integrated model that incorporates information at the reservoir, well, and production-facility levels. The model is enhanced by adding real-time monitoring and optimization software to create a comprehensive asset‑management dashboard. During the last part of an asset’s life, advisors put additional emphasis on the price and cost of production per barrel.


Technology is at the heart of our approach to meeting clients’ needs. We constantly update and refine our technologies to solve new challenges encountered in the field.

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