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Annual Report 2015

Conventional Completions


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As production from conventional wells in existing fields has declined, operators are focused on optimizing the output of these aging wells. Production rates typically will taper off over time, leading to an increase in the cost needed to produce the same amount of hydrocarbons. Rather than forcing the operator to choose between costly workovers and deferred production, Weatherford has developed new alternatives using completions technologies that help rejuvenate the wellbore, address declining production rates, and minimize operational costs.


Assure well integrity

Helping to protect our clients’ investments with reliable life-of-well technologies and solutions

Lower production costs

Providing technologies that reduce the need for intervention and reduce overall NPT

Optimize recovery

Rejuvenating aging wells with the least amount of intervention

Completions Integrated Approach

Weatherford is the market leader in providing solutions to the challenges of aging reservoirs. Whether the issue is deferred production, safety‑valve failure, or a completely shut-in well, Weatherford has a range of innovative products and services to meet our clients’ needs.

We work with clients to determine whether the problem is best addressed by updating the lift method, remedying liquid loading, restoring safety valve functionality, or managing high sand production. Our portfolio of technologies — including a revolutionary self-mitigating sand screen — combined with our completions expertise, enables operators to get the utmost out of their assets. These solutions can be customized to address the unique challenges of each conventional field.



Technology is at the heart of our approach to meeting clients’ needs. We constantly update and refine our technologies to solve new challenges encountered in the field.

Case Studies

The combination of our industry-leading technologies and our disciplined approach has produced measurable value for our clients.

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